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What We Do

We collaborate with your entire team and follow out simple yet comprehensive step-by-step process to create the policies your company needs.

Step 1. Gather the Data: We review all existing data from current SOP’s (when available), handwritten notes, sticky notes, diagrams, etc.  We interview the SME’s and staff involved in the process. When possible we will shadow the people performing the tasks.

Step 2. Create / Update the Data: : Using the information gathered we begin to create the procedure. We take the information and break down the process into small digestible pieces creating an easy to follow step-by-step process. The SOP template can be yours or ours.

Step 3. Readability Check: We ensure that your staff easily understands the document by soliciting feedback from selected staff. The goal is to have a document that speaks to all employees.

Step 4. Testing the SOP: Once we have a solid draft we will ask staff members to test the document by walking through the process. When possible we prefer people not familiar with the process.

Step 5. Feedback: After the SOP has been tested we ask for feedback from the staff, SME’s and other areas impacted, such as Quality. We ensure the procedure is complete and answers potential questions.

Step 6. Finalize and Approve: In this step we update the effective date, review date, version number, assign approvals and update the revision record. The SOP is then sent out via e-mail for formal approval to management and any departments impacted.

Step 7. Roll-Out Notification:  Communications are sent to Management and Supervisors impacted. The communication will provide the training dates and the implementation date.

Step 8. Training:  Staff is trained on the procedure prior to the roll out date, a window of five business days is typical. This can be done in a formal classroom setting or an informal setting.

Step 9. Document Control: This is a crucial step in the process.  Version control is updated, soft copies of the previous version are archived, and any hard copies are replaced with current version.  Staff training is documented, employees confirm training and understanding, and departments acknowledge SOP.

Step 10. Follow Up: Follow up with employees that were absent for the initial roll out and training and update documents accordingly.